How can I earn money?

Steps to get started

  1. Signup and Onboarding: After signing up, start the expert onboarding process by clicking "Become an expert" in the navigation menu. During the onboarding process you will create your topics, set your availability schedule, and add your banking information through our payment processor, Stripe.
  2. Promoting Yourself: Then you can share your Yodl profile on your social media channels. We also recommend plugging your profile in your videos, posts, captions, etc. When a user books a session, you will recieve a notification to accept (or decline) the session.
  3. Sessions: At the scheduled time all you have to do is start the session and talk. If the session is about chess basics, then you discuss the basics of chess. It's that simple.
  4. Getting Paid: After the money from the session is available in your Yodl account, all you have to do is click withdraw and the money will be transfer into your bank account.

What is an expert?

An expert is a user on the Yodl Platform that creates topics, called Yodibles, and earns money by conducting session though Yodl video-chat system.

What does it take to be an expert?

Do you have a passion, skill, expertise, or interest that you want to share and profit from? Then you can become an expert.

The important details

  1. In order to abide by our payment processor's (Stripe) “Know Your Customer” (KYC) obligations, we require that all experts connect via Stripe for identity verification. To submit your identity verification form, please view the relevant section within the Become an Expert wizard. Verification is an asynchronous process that may require up to 72 hours. You will be notified upon successful identity verification.
  2. You are required to connect a bank account for the transfer of payouts. To connect a bank account, please view the relevant section within the Become an Expert wizard.
  3. You must accept and abide by the Yodl content policy, moderation policy, and terms of service.

The less important, but still important details

  1. Set up your schedule
  2. Add your Yodibles (topics)

Yodl service fees

To keep all systems running, 24/7 customer service, and our employees happy, we charge a 10.0% flat fee for each session. You are required to request a withdrawal. Upon successful withdrawal a period of 2-4 days is required to complete the deposit to your bank/financial account.