How Yodl works

A community built to share

Yodl is a fully-online talent, knowledge, skill, passion, interest or experience sharing platform. Anyone can create a free Yodl account to share their experience and earn money or book unique interactions. Find a few examples below of why we created Yodl, then sign up and Become an Expert .

  • Are you a math teacher and want to tutor students online?
  • Writing a speech or a research paper? Get the opinion and assistance of an expert.
  • Talk with an online influencer/personality.
  • Schedule an hour video call with a professional web-developer in order to discuss a hard to track bug.
  • Learn how to apply make-up with a professional artist.
  • Are you an expert videographer and want to share your knowledge with YouTube or Instagram personalities?
  • Interact with a popular online architect on a one-to-basis.
  • Study and analyze chess with a master.

Really any talent, knowledge, skill, passion, interest or experience can be shared or experienced on Yodl, it's you and your imagination.

Trusted environment

Yodl helps to build and promote a safe and family-friendly environment. We review personal profiles and maintain a secure messaging, video, and screen-sharing communication system. Our content policy stipulates allowable content, in additional we provide the function to report any abuse or violation of our terms of service. A safe and equitable enviroment is our primary concern.