How to Promote Yourself

Great, you've made a Creator profile. Hopefully, you've made your profile look nice, added some services, and filled out your availability. Now it's time to promote your Yodl profile to your fans and get some sessions booked. Let's go over the basics.

Where to promote

You want to make it easy for people to find out about your Yodl profile and services. The link to your Yodl profile should be available any place you have a presence online. That could be a personal blog, bio link site, or any social media account.

Next, promote your Yodl profile in the captions of your posts or descriptions of your videos. You can also add the link in a comment. Platforms such as YouTube and Instagram let you pin comments, and this is a perfect use case. Even if you don’t use other social media platforms, such as Twitter, you can pin a tweet highlighting your Yodl profile to maximize the number of eyes seeing your link.

Here are several more examples of ways you can promote yourself:

  • Yodl intro video (In the About section of Edit Profile)
  • Instagram Stories
  • Story Polls
  • Story Highlights
  • Story Link Sticker
  • Instagram Reels
  • YouTube Shorts
  • YouTube Video Introduction
  • Clickable Link in YouTube Video

What to say

Idea #1

Your posts and videos don’t have to be all about Yodl to promote your profile. You can make a post with your regular content and offer your services at the end of the video or in the caption of a post. The goal when you first start promoting is awareness.

Example: “Thanks for watching, everyone! If you'd like to talk 1:1, you can connect with me on Yodl. The link is … (link location of the link e.g. first comment, in the caption, in my bio link site, etc).”

Alternative: “Thanks for watching, everyone! If you want to help support my content, book a 1:1 video chat session with me, and we can talk about (tie the post/video topic to a specific service). The link is (insert location)”

Idea #2

Another idea is to create a post or video describing one service you offer. We recommend promoting a 15-minute Q&A. We recommend this because you want to keep the barrier to booking you as low as possible until you get going. Keep it short with a call to action at the end. This is a good place to pin a comment with your link as well.

Example: “Hey everyone, I’m on a new platform called Yodl. It’s a new way I’m connecting with my followers. I’m offering 1:1 video chats with me for 15 minutes. So join me on Yodl, and I can answer any questions you have about (insert service subject). The link is (insert link location)”.

Idea #3

Carousel posts on Instagram can be used to explain each service you offer. The first image should be eye-catching and lead them to your services, for example, Wanna talk to me? The rest of the images should be an explanation of Yodl and a list of your services (or an image for each service if you want to offer more detail about each service).

Example: “I’m on Yodl to engage with my fans on a more meaningful level. Yodl allows you to book a 1:1 video chat session with me to answer your questions or even go through a project or tutorial with you. Swipe right to see the ways we can connect.”

Idea #4

Story Polls are another great way to lower the barrier to getting a session. Briefly explain your Yodl profile and services, then ask them if they want to hear more or if they are interested in booking. This will narrow down who’s interested in booking a session and allow you to follow up with them.

Example: “I joined a platform called Yodl. It allows me to connect with you for 1:1 video chats. We can do (name 1 or 2 services). Are you interested in hearing more? => yes or not right now”

Idea #5

Social proof is a powerful marketing tool. Social proof in this context comes in two forms: people are booking you, and you know what you’re talking about. Your content and follower count should suffice for proof of your knowledge or skills. And showcasing testimonials is a great way to prove people are using your services. A video testimonial is ideal, but most people won’t want to do that. However, people will leave a review on your profile, and that is a written testimonial.

Ways to introduce your link

  • Let’s chat
  • Talk w/ me
  • Connect w/ me
  • 1:1 Video chat w/ me
  • Book a consultation (this might not work for every area of expertise)
  • Train w/ me (this might not work for every area of expertise)
  • Join me on Yodl
  • Yodl: (Add this to YT video description where you provide other social links. People will visit your profile out of curiosity)

How often

You don’t need to promote your Yodl profile on every single post, video, story, short, or comment section. The subtly of the promotion should dictate the frequency. Making a post all about Yodl should be less frequent than adding it to the caption or description of non-Yodl related post or video.

A mildly subtle option is saying at the end of a post or video, “If you’re interested in learning more about (insert the content of the post) check out my Yodl link in the comments”. This can be more frequent than a dedicated Yodl post, but it's less subtle than quietly adding the link to a caption or description.

Find a frequency that works for your schedule and reaches your fans. You don’t want to annoy them, but you want to make sure they know about how you can help them.