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Use your skills, knowledge, and passions to make money through video chatting with genuine knowledge seekers
Darrell Steward
5.0 · 99 reviews
41 sessions avg 30m each
Megan Colby
5 · 36 reviews
76 sessions avg 15m each
Kathryn Murphy
4.9 · 20 reviews
14 sessions avg 33m each
Who uses Yodl?
Anyone with a passion, skill, expertise, or interest that you want to share and profit from
Fitness trainers
Makeup artists
How it works

Step 1: Setup

Sign up for free. Create your profile, add topics, and set your availablility.

Step 2: Video chat

Advertise your Yodl profile on your social media account or bio links. Then customers schedule and buy live-video calls with you.

Step 3: Get Paid

It’s as easy as clicking Withdraw! Your earnings will deposited directly in your bank.
Why join Yodl as an expert?
  • Add a new income stream that you can control
  • You choose when and who you talk with
  • Reach a new audience of genuine learners
  • No sign-up or monthly fee
You keep 90% of the revenue. No hidden fees.
Yodl experts earn 90% of each video-chat session and own 100% of their content. Plus, there are no hidden fees - being on Yodl is 100% free.


  • Are there any hidden costs?

    No, there are no upfront, management, or membership fees to be a creator on Yodl. You earn 90% of the revenue per session.

  • What is the earning structure for experts?

    You get 90% of the session's revenue (earnings). However, some early adopters will get to keep 90% of the earnings.

  • Do I create content on Yodl?

    No, Yodl isn't another social media platform

  • What can I talk about?

    You can talk about anything. Non-permitted usage are listed in the Terms of Service.

  • How do payouts work?

    Experts initiate payouts to their bank/financial accounts. Payouts are only once per 7 days and must be a minimum of $25.

  • What are the minimum and maximum prices?

    The minimum is $1 and the maximum is $1000. Sessions can be as low as $1/hour for introductions or as high as $1000 for 15 minutes.

  • How do I tell my subscribers and followers about my Yodl profile?

    Share your Yodl profile in the same way you share your IG, Twitter, TikTok, or YT profile. Just make sure to include the whole link -

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Share your passion, skill, expertise, or interest and profit.